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Staying Healthy During Lockdown with Home Repairs

It might seem like common sense to avoid people entering your home in the middle of a pandemic. But there are costs associated with this extreme form of isolation, including, somewhat ironically, health costs associated with failing to maintain your property. You could avoid COVID-19 by avoiding all human contact. But if your house is falling apart, other health issues could start creeping in.

So what can you do?

The trick here is to optimize your approach. Yes, you want to avoid catching coronavirus if you can, but you also need to find ways to service your property so that you solve other issues that would adversely affect your health.

In this post, we make the case that continuing to keep your home in good condition throughout the pandemic is a great way to keep you healthy, even if that means allowing service professionals into your house.

Repair Your HVAC

Here are some of the serious health problems that can occur if you fail to maintain your HVAC system adequately:

  • Electrical problems and the risk of fire
  • Incorrect air filtration, allowing dangerous particles from outside to enter your home
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning from HVACs that use boilers
  • Incorrect moisture control that could lead to mold

Thus, hiring an HVAC technician for regular maintenance check-ups is essential for preventing disease in your home.

Keep Your Property Pest-Free


Coronavirus is a nasty infectious disease, and people should avoid it as best as they can. But it is only one of a large number of infectious diseases in the environment, any one of which could cause severe illness.

Some of the most dangerous diseases in the world come from pests that get into your home. Here is a list:

  • Lyme diseases caused by ticks
  • Tularemia
  • Weil’s disease
  • Rickettsialpox

You probably haven’t heard of many of those diseases because they are now so well under control. But they still exist and can cause disease in your household if you fail to stop pests from getting in.

Deep Clean Your Carpets

For people with severe allergies, carpet deep cleaning is an essential service.

The problem is this: during the pollen season, particles enter the home through the windows or on the soles of your shoes and then become lodged in the carpet. Over time, the carpet “outgasses” these particles, causing them to persist in the environment for much longer than the allergy season itself. And that can cause allergic people in the home to experience symptoms year-round.

The best way to eliminate the problem is to either remove carpets and upholstery or hire a professional to deep clean it.

Repair Your Roof And Guttering

Keeping your roof and guttering in tip-top condition is essential for two reasons.

  1. It prevents leaking into your attic
  2. It stops water from getting into the foundations

If you leave a leaky roof or overflowing gutter for too long, you’ll ultimately wind up with mold creeping up your walls. It smells bad, and it can make allergies worse, so beware!