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Busting Beliefs: Myths People Still Buy About Renewable Energy

Energy is something that many people nowadays cannot live without. Unfortunately, we’re using up more resources to generate it than we can ever give back. Because of this, some have begun creating ways to tap into alternative sources of energy. Nowadays, the technology has developed enough so that people can actually use it in their homes and help conserve what’s left of the environment in the process. But not everyone is open to this change. Part of it is because they believe in these myths about renewable sources of energy:

They’re Too Expensive

This is possibly the most common myth believed by those who are interested in renewable energy but hesitant to do so. It’s often the case, especially when it comes to solar panels. It can cost quite a bit to set them up. But considering that your source isn’t limited, the amount that you need to pay monthly will only get lower than fossil fuels over time. Using solar panels will only get more efficient. What you have to pay per unit of energy will become lower since there’s more being produced. If you’re in Navajo County and you want to transition to wind energy, no one will stop you from doing it.

They’re Unreliable

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For many people, it would make sense that renewable sources of energy, such as sunlight and wind, will have times when they won’t be fully available. For example, solar energy can’t be collected when it’s nighttime. Hence, many also think that these sources are unreliable. But considering that many systems have a capacity for storing the energy that they get, they can supply to facilities even though the origin itself is not available. People are also developing better technologies for storage, so there’s no excuse at all.

They’re Harmful to Organisms

Some people fear that the structures built to utilize renewable energy sources can actually get in the way of ecosystems. For example, wind farms have been described as producing noise that can disrupt the lives of people and animals. However, what happens is that research is done in the area where the equipment is going to be placed. Care is also taken to make sure that it’s positioned in a location that can benefit it and is far away enough from any communities that may be adversely affected.

They’re Just a Trend

There are those who dismiss the whole eco-friendliness movement as a mere trend, and it includes the work on renewable energy. They think that once the hype dies down, everyone will go back to conventional sources. But there is potential for long-term use of renewable sources of energy, and people won’t just let go of good news just because it’s different from the usual. Renewable energy is also sustainable, especially with current innovations, so there’s no real reason for it to simply disappear.

Technology has made it possible for us to make use of the world’s resources more efficiently and sustainably. Isn’t it good news for us as the human race? Let’s start using it now and make sure that the next generation also has something that they can use to make their own lives better.