family unloading their luggage from their car

Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Family

New Zealand is really a land of SUVs and utes. There are currently more than enough of these types of vehicles on New Zealand’s roads, and according to automobile industry experts, the number will continue to rise.

However, choosing the most suitable vehicle is all about finding one that suits your budget and lifestyle. Having a family changes all your preferences. A car’s brand, for example, is a key factor in the selection process. Some Kia vehicles for sale can meet your requirements.

To help you choose the right type of vehicle for your family, here are a few tips that you can follow:

The Station Wagon

The station wagon is probably the most popular secondhand car. This is thanks in part to the rising popularity of SUVs in the market. Fewer people are purchasing station wagons nowadays.

Nonetheless, station wagons are useful family cars. They’re large enough to sit a family of four and still have room at the back for other things. Plus, secondhand station wagons are very affordable.

If you want a high-end station wagon though, there are also options for you. Audi, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche all have station wagons waiting for you. Be prepared. Station wagons are thirsty cars.


Vans, also called people carriers or people movers in New Zealand, are considered by many as the true family vehicle. But if there are only three of you, would you really need one?

Otherwise, if you have a large family and you want your in-laws to tag along on your trips, then a van might be ideal. It can accommodate 10 people and still have room for your stuff. Brand-new vans can reach up to $60,000, while secondhand ones can be as low as $10,000.

The Sports Utility Vehicle

blue SUV in motion

SUVs are the most popular choice for parents because they can use the car to pick up their kids in school and use it as a utility car for errands. If you want an SUV, the good news is, there is a wide selection of SUVs in the market today. You can even choose between a compact SUV and a regular-sized one.

Space is a huge factor when choosing a family car. Perhaps that’s why SUVs are by far the most popular family cars in New Zealand. In fact, one-third of all new cars sold last year were SUVs. Experts are expecting that number will increase when the year ends.

As for the price, brand new SUVs hold their value well. They can go as much as $110,000 and up. But if you prefer secondhand units, they can go as low as less than $15,000. For the best secondhand units, the prices are still steep.

Another huge factor in choosing the right vehicle is its purpose. Find a vehicle that can accomplish things that you want to get done. Do some research and learn about which brands and models will suit your needs.

And of course, the safety of your family should be first. When choosing a car, pick one the offers safety features. In fact, it’s a general rule to buy the safest car that you can afford for your family.