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Road Congestion is Here to Stay: Top Ways to Deal With It

Every major city around the world regularly experiences traffic jams. It is an increasing problem: too many cars at rush hour trying to go back home from work are clogging the streets. As a result, a typical 20-minute commute stretches to about an hour or more. Add roadworks and accidents, it might take you longer than usual to drive to your destination.

The Traffic Conundrum

In one study, researchers revealed that commuters spend an average of 54 hours, or two and a half days, of their year, stuck in a traffic jam. The most congested cities waste an average of 83 hours, or almost four days, annually on the road. That is time lost that could have been used for more productive pursuits or rest.

In Australia, Sydney holds the record of the nation’s most congested city, but others are catching up. The driving conditions in Melbourne are deteriorating faster than in any other capital city. Within 5 years, the speed in the Victoria capital dropped 8.2 percent to 59.9 kilometers per hour.

According to the Australian Automobile Association, road congestion costs the nation $16.5 billion in 2015.

Traffic is a complex problem to solve, one that involves major changes in infrastructure and policies. People can help ease road congestion by carpooling too and from work or by working from home. But, not everyone has the option.

Instead, here are a few ways to make being stuck in traffic congestion daily less horrible.

Improve Your Car’s Entertainment System

The amount of time on average spent in traffic can get boring. When people are bored, two things can happen: they either become sleepy, which can lead to accidents, or frustrated, which can cause road rage.

Having a decent entertainment system offers a distraction. If you know that you will be spending hours on the road, you can prepare a playlist or an audiobook to listen to while you are stuck in traffic.

Most cars come with a radio, but you can make upgrades to improve the quality of audio or allow you better control. Companies such as Seven Smart Auto can help you install new gadgets to transform your vehicle’s entertainment system and make it more intuitive to better fit your needs.

Invest in Comfort

<br>people who drive spend a lot of time sitting down which is not good for their physical health. if you frequently come home with sore muscles, that because long in one position. driving done while seated, but it still can take toll on the body. <br>
If you have no choice but to wait in a traffic jam regularly, consider making upgrades to your car to improve comfort. There are several additions that you can make driving less tiring. You can install seat heaters which give you feelings of coziness. There are also car seat massagers that will knead your muscles to make your body become more limber and prevent soreness. You can also switch out the seats that come with your car upon purchase for something that is softer and offers the body more support.

Find Ways to Manage Stress

<br>stress is also a common consequence of road congestion. according to one research, 80.4 percent participants agreed that being stuck in traffic jam causing them stress. meanwhile, 52.2 said it increases their aggressiveness.  <br>
Worse, another study found a link between congestion and the occurrence of domestic violence. Between 2011 and 2015, extreme evening traffic in two major highways in Los Angeles County — the I-5 and the I-10 — led to a 9 percent increase in incidents of nighttime domestic violence.

In addition, stress has a myriad of negative effects on a person’s physical and mental health. People who are often stressed are at a higher risk of anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, upset stomach, and difficulty sleeping.

Drivers who are often stuck in traffic should find ways to ease stress while on the road. While you cannot meditate behind the wheel, you can still practice mindfulness techniques such as practicing breathing exercises and becoming more aware of your surroundings.

You can also try aromatherapy, which uses scents, to induce feelings of calm. Rosemary, lavender, lemon, peppermint, and ylang-ylang are said to relax the body and mind through the sense of smell.

Road congestion has been a problem for a long time but, recently, traffic jams in major cities around the world, including in Australia, have become worse. Drivers are spending more time on the road, preventing them from arriving on time to their destination, pursuing their hobbies, spending time with their loved ones, or resting at home. Right now, the situation is unlikely to change for the better any time soon.

Drivers can still ease their daily commutes despite road congestion by following these tips.