Career and Lifestyle: Making Your Office Feel Like Home

We’ve seen millions of individuals experiencing health problems due to work demands and burnout. You may not realize it now, but your job and the working environment you’re in can significantly impact your health and well-being. This is why creating a comfortable and motivating workspace is necessary, even if you’re working in a physical office.

Problems in a workplace’s comfort cannot only result in the employees’ health issues. But it can also increase the levels of tardiness and absenteeism and negatively impact the employees’ productivity and satisfaction. If you’re an employee who’s working on-site, you might have days when you feel unmotivated or uninspired to go to work. An excellent solution for that is to craft a comfortable physical workspace. Here are some suggestions on how you can create one.

1. Improve indoor air quality

The air quality in your office plays a huge role in your productivity and performance level. If you’re working. Ideally, an office building should have an efficient heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in place to ensure optimal temperature and air circulation. If a company operates a data storage facility, a dedicated data room HVAC system should be installed to prevent equipment damage and minimize health risks for workers as well. Consider buying or renting a suitable HVAC for your office building. If you’re a staff, you can suggest this to your employer. Most company owners would be willing to take such recommendations to improve the efficiency of their workforce.

2. Create your work playlists

Having multiple playlists for different moods and activities can help make working in the office more bearable, motivating, and interesting. You can create a playlist of instrumental songs that you can play when you need to focus on tasks. Or, have one for your morning commute to the office and one for coffee breaks. Others even create playlists for different seasons, from summer to winter. Add songs that make you feel inspired, productive, or calm. Feeling a little extra? Bring your vinyl and record player to the office!

office space

3. Declutter and organize

This is kind of a given in creating a healthy and happy workplace. Start with the physical files and documents on your desk and drawers. Go over each one and shred everything you don’t need or already have digital copies. For the remaining physical files, have a filing system to organize them. Or, you can just keep the rarely used files on your desk drawers or filing cabinet and leave the ones you need easy access to on your desks. You can further minimize distractions by having just one notepad, pen, and highlighter on your work desk. You can also consider using digital calendars, note-taking apps, or alarms for reminders, notes, and alerts.

4. Introduce plants and art

Plants can make any home comforting, and they can do the same to your workspace. This must-have office decor can create a professional and homey statement in your cubicle or private office. If your workspace is a little cram and dim, the right plant can make your area more lively and bring the outdoors inside. Other health benefits of indoor plants are improved focus and office performance, anxiety and stress relief, reduced fatigue, and better air quality. Besides that, you can also hang inspiring artwork in your office to boost your mood. It doesn’t have to be an expensive painting or a piece from a famous artist. Invest in ones that you find meaningful and inspiring. Such statement pieces can even be an ice breaker or conversation starter with your co-workers. The best part is, artwork pieces can promote an optimistic attitude, foster emotional and creative growth, and promote stress relief.

5. Craft a sensory environment

Many traditional workspaces have synthetic carpeting and sad color palettes that make work a bit more unpleasant for the staff. Modern offices now switch to open-plan workplaces and use livelier color palettes to promote motivation and productivity. Having an enriched work area with a happy sensory landscape can make working hours more fun. Apart from plants and artwork, you incorporate other pleasant sensations in your office cubicle. You can have a brightly colored coffee mug on your desk, play relaxing nature sounds while working, or place a lovely picture with your family and friends.

Having a positive atmosphere plays a huge role in improving your productivity and performance levels. Ideal office space also helps boost your mood and satisfaction with your job. If you’re looking to suggest significant workspace changes, be sure to talk to your employer first. Nonetheless, these tips can help you get started in creating your ideal work area.