Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Great Promoter?

Our careers are known to dictate our lifestyles. How can it not, when many of us spend as much time, if not more, at our jobs as we do outside of it? Given the state of the economy, it is also not surprising that there are so many people who need more than one job to sustain themselves.

On a similar note, as society continues to progress and become more modernized, more job opportunities have risen for residents of Utah and the rest of the country. There are, of course, those that are considered traditional careers, like becoming a doctor or a teacher. However, more and more people are now finding themselves repulsed by the idea of having a 9-to-5 job or anything that entails a set schedule.

This has resulted in non-traditional jobs rising in popularity. Many of these have to do with the internet, like content creating and live streaming. Such jobs do not necessitate leaving the house to accomplish the daily workload. Other jobs are notably variations of pre-existing career choices, like running an event rentals company or marketing for events.

People who complete the latter are part of the promotional staff. Often referred to as promoters, their goal is to create marketing solutions for events, ranging from sports tournaments to concerts and club parties. Unlike other marketing jobs, events promoting is typically project-based. This means that promoters often do not have to follow strict timelines when they are ahead of schedule.

Additionally, their job entails other responsibilities beyond marketing solutions. These include collaborating with media companies, local merchants, and ticket sellers. Correspondence is a key component in their careers, but it takes so much more to survive as a promoter in a competitive market.


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We hear time and again that we should pursue our passions, but it is not always an optimal choice. It should be noted that it is more important to be passionate about the careers that we are in.

Being a passionate promoter means doing the best of one’s abilities to deliver a great event. After all, it is not possible for all people to be interested in every kind of event there is out there. Furthermore, having a good attitude for the event may help in drawing more customers and attendees in.


Correspondence is integral in the world of promoting. Therefore, promoters should have a way with words so that they can communicate what it is they want to come across without misunderstandings.

They should be personable, too, allowing easy conversation, and persuasive, in the event that they need to negotiate certain terms and agreements. Having these qualities ensures smooth collaboration between all organizations involved, which can ultimately result in a successful event.


Perhaps the most important aspect of being a promoter is having a clear vision for every event. The ability to sell an event to people who are not even part of the target demographic is a talent on its own. This can be accomplished by every facet of the event that might interest the audience.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of promoters in any given industry right now. However, it takes more than organizational skills and a few phone calls for one to be regarded as a successful promoter.