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An Engagement Ring Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Savvy buyers can save a bunch of money on diamond jewelry and engagement rings. In fact, you can up to 50 percent by shopping an engagement ring in a small store instead of a big box jewelry shop.

But, the wedding and engagement ring you choose will symbolize your commitment and love. For some people, that’s worth spending on. A set of engagement rings in the box could be a major investment, financially and emotionally, to some couples.

And to the more economic and practical buyers, nothing warrants you to spend more than you should when there are affordable options.

Here’s how you can save on engagement rings:

Take the Time to Search Online

Online shopping allows buyers to choose from a wide variety of options. Take the time to look at different types of engagement rings available and compare their prices. Don’t let sales agents lure you into buying a piece that doesn’t fit the idea you had in mind.

Also, buying a diamond engagement ring at an online store that only taxes jewelry shipped to a specific nation or state may increase your savings.

For example, some jewelry stores in the US only charges sales tax on rings and jewelry shipped to New York and the Washington States. But that does not exclude a buyer from paying sales tax; instead, buyers may have to report their purchase tax on their own.

Opt for Custom Rings over Branded Ones

Engagement ring set

Brand names and branded designs often seem attractive. However, their price tag is a little higher than custom brands. Instead of a branded ring, take photos of your dream ring and have it custom-made by a local jeweler at a lower cost. Shop around for price comparison and send pictures to the jeweler so that they can have a good grasp of the type of ring you are looking for.

Talk to Your Partner

Discuss with your future spouse the type of ring both of you would prefer. Though talking about it could take away the romance and dampen your proposal, keep in mind that an engagement ring will forever be a precious item. It may even be a gift that parents will pass along for generations. You would rather sacrifice some spontaneity and find what you and your future spouse want and can afford.

Buy from a Trusted Store

A lot of factors come into play when shopping for a diamond engagement ring. However, some aspects may seem more crucial than others, and knowing their difference is vital. Buying a diamond engagement ring from a reputable store comes above everything else. After all, everyone wants to get the best value for their money.

Be smart about this purchase. It can be hard for a lot of shoppers to know when they’re being ripped off or getting a good deal. Fortunately, with these tips, you won’t have to compromise quality to save on your engagement ring. Instead, you’ll be paying for a worthwhile piece that meets your aesthetic requirements while providing you maximum value for your money.