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Fancy Staying in an Ice Hotel? Here’s What You Need to Know

You probably saw it from watching some travel show, and it tickled your fancy. Staying in an ice hotel is a unique way to spend a holiday and would be on some people’s bucket list.

It’s an understatement to say that ice hotels are not your typical accommodation. After all, you’ll be sleeping in a room surrounded by ice, in cold temperature, and no windows at all. Still, ice hotels give off an enchanting ambiance, and you’ll feel like an ice princess in your shimmering crystal palace.

Fantasy aside, though, there are things you should know before booking a room. Here are things you can expect when you stay in an ice hotel.

You Need to Wear the Right Clothes

You’ll be wearing winter clothes inside and outside the hotel; therefore, comfort is important. Your inner clothing must have breathable and insulating material, and then top that with a windbreaker. For sleeping, it’s best to pack thermal pajamas, so you won’t need to be in layers. A single light layer will give you comfort.

The temperature inside the room will be about 23 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit, so it won’t be too cold. And don’t worry, it’s unlikely that you’ll get hypothermia.

The Bed is Not All Ice

room made of iceThe bed framing is made of hard ice, but you won’t be sleeping directly on top of it. They put a wooden board and then a mattress or other materials like blankets and reindeer skins to separate you from the icy surface.

The hotel will also provide you with a special, arctic-worthy sleeping bag to keep you warm through the night.

You Can’t Stay in the Room All Day

While your room will have an amazing and great design, it’s not a place to chill all day, unfortunately. Then again, ice hotels are in snowy areas where you can enjoy a lot of activities. The hotels have hot tubs and saunas where you can soak and relax. There are also sightseeing tours, and most likely, you can join a campfire at night to watch the Northern Lights. Some hotels also have ski facilities, so better pack your Arc’teryx ski pants and gear with you.

Finally, don’t expect regular amenities, like an individual phone charging outlet or a dresser to keep your luggage. In some more luxury ice hotels, the rate comes with two rooms, an ice room and a normal one where you can keep your clothes and enjoy the amenities. Others will provide individual luggage compartments and lockers where you can keep your things and private areas where you can change clothes. Often, the common areas will have charging ports for your electronics.

The Bathroom is Not Made of Ice

Sorry, no en suite here. Bathroom facilities are separate from the room and made from normal materials. It wouldn’t be nice to sit on an ice toilet, would it?

One Night is Enough

You’re probably considering it due to the novelty of it. Since it will be your first time, booking a room for one night should be enough. Maybe stay in on your last night at your destination, so you’ll get the full experience. If you want to stay longer, it’s recommended to alternate it with nights in a warm hotel.

The best thing about staying in ice hotels is you are in the middle of an incredible location, away from the busy and noisy city area. And then you will wake up to an amazing scenery, fresh air, and a peaceful environment. Plus, imagine the stories you will tell your friends about it.