How to Calm Pre-plastic Surgery Nerves

Getting plastic surgery done might not cause a significant change in your appearance, but going under the knife can cause some anxiety all the same. There are so many things you can worry about, and your brain will probably go over all of these worries during the days leading up to the appointment. Don’t want to spend your pre-surgery days more nervous than excited? Here are some ways you can ease your nerves:

1. Ask questions

Whether you are getting a whole mommy makeover or a rhinoplasty, discuss the details of the procedure that you would like to know more about with your doctor. In this way, you know what to expect during and after the surgery, as well as what you need to do on your part to achieve the best results. Moreover, knowing the answers to the questions clawing at your insides should ease at least some of your pre-surgery nerves.

2. Focus on something else

Avoid being pre-occupied by the looming date of your surgery. Instead, redirect your focus on something else, perhaps work or school or a hobby that relaxes you. Otherwise, you might end up spending every waking hour worrying about the surgery and working yourself up over nothing. If you can’t distract yourself on your own, try spending time with friends and family to take your mind off of the matter. Perhaps they can even offer you support when you’re being attacked by nerves.


3. Do your research

The less you know about the surgery, the more you’re going to be nervous about it. So to put your mind at ease, do some research about the procedure you’re going to get. Look at the technical side of things so that you know what is going to be done to your body. At the same time, check out testimonials from other people to see their results and learn about their experiences. Doing this is going to help at least some of the doubts and fears you’re having about the surgery, and perhaps even replace the anxiety with excitement when you see how the procedure turned out for other people.

4. Remember your goals

When you find yourself wracked with pre-surgery anxiety, remember why you’re going through the procedure in the first place. Focus on the positive things that the surgery will bring to you instead of being pessimistic about it. If you’re going to get a rhinoplasty, envision yourself with the nose you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re getting a breast reduction, imagine how life will be easier with smaller breasts. Whatever the procedure might be, push yourself to focus on the benefits of the surgery instead of things that can go wrong.

Experiencing nerves before going under the knife is normal, especially if you’re going through it for the first time ever. But this doesn’t mean you should let yourself wallow in anxiety in the days leading up to your surgery. To be fully prepared and well-rested for your big day, use these strategies to calm yourself down and replace anxiety with excitement for the changes about to come.