Couple packing their things in boxes

First Things to Pack When Moving Out

Moving out soon? Sounds exciting. But have you packed your things? Packing for a move is time-consuming and exhausting. But if you know what to pack first and follow a sequence, you can save time and energy and spare your nerves of the hassles that come with packing. It pays to know the essential things to pack first when moving out.

Stored items

Pack items in storage first. Check your basement, attic, and garage for stored items. Get rid of items that you don’t actually need or want or those that don’t serve any purpose at all. Consolidate items that can go together in one box. Don’t forget to label each box to identify what is inside and which should be transported first and handled with extra care.

Seasonal clothes

These are often in boxes. You are not going to wear them soon, so they are easy to pack when moving. In relation to that, check your closets and start sorting items – clothes, sportswear, footwear, bags, and accessories. Pack them accordingly.

Various knick-knacks

Pack all your knick-knacks such as souvenir items, small pieces of candles, and statues that decorate your shelves and tables. These items may be dear to you, so make them a priority when you start packing.

Art pieces and picture frames

Prioritise paintings and other wall decors as well as picture frames when packing. Chances are that you might forget to take them down when you become too preoccupied with the packing. To protect your art pieces and other fragile items, it is always best to hire professional interstate removalists. There are companies in Sydney that can handle your interstate move perfectly well.

Rarely used chinaware, glassware, and cookware

Dishes, glasses, cups, pots, and pans that you use only during dinner parties should be packed way ahead of your moving day. Make sure to pack them carefully and label as fragile. Don’t forget other kitchen items kept in the cabinets, drawers, cupboards, and even under the sink.

Books, toys, and games

Pack books, toys, and games in advance. Leave only a few books and favourite toys or games for your family to enjoy during your spare time.

Towels and linens

If you’re planning to move in a few weeks, you don’t need to change sheets as often as you do. Pack your extra towels, linens, and bedding early and schedule your laundry day. This will help keep your laundry basket empty until your moving out day.


Man carrying box out of the van

Your bathroom is one of the busiest parts of your home. Every family member needs to go to the bathroom several times a day. To keep your bathroom functional, pack your bathroom items, toiletries, and medicine on the day before you move out.

You can make packing less stressful by organising and planning the essential steps in moving out. Remember to pack first the non-essential things or those that you can do without and don’t need until after you have moved. Pack last the ones that you will certainly need once you have moved in. With these in mind, packing will be hassle-free, and moving out will be exciting.