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For DIYers: Must-Have Tools and Supplies at Home

Do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) enjoy doing projects regularly. They like doing things with their own hands and from scratch. They have the necessary equipment and tools to do these things.

Nowadays, most of them use power tools like band saws, circular saws, nail guns, and cordless drills. The use of high-powered equipment makes it possible for them to work faster and more conveniently. The following are power tools that every DIY or crafts hobbyist should have at home.

Cordless Drills

This is usually the first power tool that DIYers buy. Cordless drills are very useful in creating holes in walls where an appliance or a stand can be screwed in. They are also useful when there is a job where a lot of screws have to be used. It can be tiring to use a screwdriver when assembling a large cabinet.

Cordless drills are chosen because they are portable. If there is a need for more power, electric drills can do the job. These can even drill holes in concrete walls.

Nail Guns

These can be particularly useful with woodworking. Building wooden doors, bookshelves, cabinets, or even a treehouse is not as tiresome when using a nail gun.

In Sydney, suppliers of Paslode framing nails can help you. Unlike a hammer, you only need to point the nail gun on to the surface and press the trigger. The nail I then inserted, fixing the wood in place.

Circular Saws

There are many types of circular saws, and it is the user’s choice which one to buy. It is easy to assemble a workbench and saw for precision cutting of long pieces of wood.

Circular saws are good for cutting wood with straight edges. For those with curved cuts, a band saw is required. This is a larger piece of equipment, which is best left in the workshop.

Electric Sanders


There are several instances where a sander is required. In any woodworking project, a sander gets used multiple times. It can be a time saver when smoothening the cabinet after it has been built, and before painting.

Furniture has to be sanded several times, using different grades of sandpaper, from coarse to fine. This ensures that the wood is prepared and smooth before being painted or varnished.

Glue Guns

This is one of the most common tools used by crafts hobbyists, DIYers, and even grade school kids. The only warning for its use is the hot tip, melts the glue stick. Besides that, it is perfectly safe to use in any activity.

It can be used for almost anything that needs sticking together, even if they are made of different materials. Paper, cardboard, hats, fashion jewellery, and clothes accents are stuck together with the use of glue sticks and glue guns.

Spray Guns

A spray gun is a versatile piece of painting equipment. It can be used to spray different kinds of liquids. For regular or small paint jobs, a brush works fine. But for woodwork, and larger pieces of DIY, a spray gun is called for. Even modellers and crafts hobbyists use spray paint for more intricate details.