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For Small Kitchens: 5 Creative Ways to Create More Space

Generally, people always prefer having bigger kitchens, but instantly backs off of the idea once the amount of effort, struggle and time to put in doing so starts to register. In most cases, people think that the ultimate solution to this problem is to immediately contact a contractor, which, of course, couldn’t be further than the truth.

This is where the importance of adequately maximizing kitchen design becomes beneficial. Tearing down your entire kitchen to free more space is not always the only solution – it all boils down to proper placing, organizing, and maximizing of the kitchen space available.

Here are a few kitchen design tricks to create the feel of having more space in the area – without the help of a contractor.


When it comes to creating the illusion of ‘emptiness’, neutrality, and space, the color white is often associated with it. It is a color that reflects light meaning the room would look more spacious than it actually is.

White could either be the most basic, boring choice in all of the colors, or the classiest, most elegant one – the trick is by knowing exactly where to place it. Paint your walls white with strong accents of other tones similar to white to your kitchen appliances, cabinets, and shelves.


Sometimes, there is one particular thing that would immediately draw you in when you enter a room – it could be an artwork, or a piece of furniture, or just an overall mess that couldn’t escape your eyes. You could make use of the brain’s subconscious function to your advantage.

This is by misdirecting your eyes to something captivating and would lead your focus to that, instead of the compact space. For example, people who have granite kitchen countertops installed in their Murray home kitchen area usually have that as their centerpiece, therefore drawing most attention to it.

Not to mention countertops are usually the most used area in the kitchen as well. Or if you’re not one for ‘that’ type of lush, you could have artwork with big frames as substitute.


Choosing to lay your floor out with a horizontally – whether it would be wood or tile – would help create the illusion of having a wider space, especially when it’s laid down paralleled to the entrance of the kitchen.

Rugs with horizontal patterns and designs laid down on the floor could might as well be a good addition to further strengthen the illusion. Or at least a substitute.


Literally having more lights, and open windows to let the natural light in could already make your kitchen look livelier, more open, spacious, and airy, but combining that with appliances that are shiny would deepen and enhance its spaciousness.

Go for glossy cabinets, sparkling tiles, and stainless steel appliances to make this a reality, and also take advantage of the fact that these style transcend trends.


Small kitchen space

This step could only work if your cupboards do not overflow with things. If your shelves look cluttered, it would only make your kitchen look and feel smaller. Try to experiment by taking off some cabinets and place them on copper shelves – which are super trendy and chic – to instantly feel the change in space.

There are a few ways you could make your kitchen look bigger. If there isn’t much space, then create more!