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Lighting Ideas for Backyard Spas

Outdoor spas are the perfect additions to backyards for property owners looking for relaxing outdoors. With the right choices, the spa will become your favorite spot in no time and make your home the go-to place for hosting outdoor parties. The biggest advantage of owning a backyard spa is that you can soak and relieve your tired muscles and relax anytime you want. Moreover, you will save on the high costs associated with periodic visits to your local spa.

Since a spa’s construction is nowadays cheap, getting a custom spa for your Salt Lake City home is the only way to ensure yours does not resemble the ones on every property. Lighting marks one surefire way of customizing your backyard spa. This does not, however, mean carelessly including one or two lighting fixtures but rather incorporating them in ways that will complement your landscape. The following are some lighting ideas guaranteed to transform your backyard spa into the most relaxing outdoor spot.

Highlight Your Landscape Rather Than the Spa

What better way to spend your relaxing time in the spa than by admiring your garden. Use your lighting fixtures to illuminate the bushes, shrubs, and trees around your spa. Tall trees will, for instance, look exceptional with narrow and wide beam spread globes. These penetrate the trees’ leaves differently and softly accentuate the branches and leaves. You can also pick twinkling LED lights to illuminate your garden beds. These options generate an indulgent look around your spa.

Light the Path to Your Spa

It is a good idea to illuminate the paved way leading up to your spa. Other than transforming your spa into an inviting one, it boosts the safety of its users since wet surfaces combined with darkness will contribute to slips. For path lighting, use low lumen lights that glow while retaining the relaxing atmosphere you are aiming for. The switch for your lights should be near your back door so that you only turn them on when stepping outdoors.

Install String Lights

string lights

Hanging string lights around the spa are the perfect choice for adding a magical aura to your outdoor spa. Though easy to install, string lights need professionalism to ensure their safety and easy operation. The lights should be hung around rather than directly above the spa for safety. You can also opt to have solar-powered lights with this choice to reduce your energy expenses.

Illuminate the Deck

For those with a spa on their decks, lighting the deck will add a ’wow’ factor to the spa. In-built deck lighting sets the perfect mood for an evening soak. There are several low voltage alternatives available for deck lighting. You can choose to have the lights around the corners of your spa’s deck or hang cable lights around the edges and steps to cast a charming glow to your spa.

Getting the perfect hot tub shape and having it professionally installed are only the first steps towards building the ideal outdoor spa. Lighting using one of the above ideas is bound to change your spa and backyard into an oasis. The lights should be installed by a professional to guarantee their safety and positive effect on your spa’s atmosphere.