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How Do You Impress a Woman on the First Date?

A lot of guys find it difficult to speak with a woman on the first date. It’s because they’re too afraid that they’ll mess up, so they pressure themselves into becoming the perfect man, which is ridiculous.

There are no perfect men and messing up is part of the dating experience. You can’t be the perfect date without going through some errors along the way because that’s how you learn and build your confidence.

So, the next time a professional matchmaker in Chicago sets you up with a lovely lady, here are some tips that can help you impress her on your first date.

Be casual

Just because you’re going on a first date doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be on your toes the whole time. Besides, that’s the worst way to go because you’ll be so pressured that you won’t get to enjoy the date.

Try to stay casual and don’t push yourself to be impressive, charming, and unique. Just be yourself. In fact, women like it if a man is honest, so if you’re a bit nervous about this date, then tell her what you truly feel. She might even find it endearing that you’re nervous because it would mean you’re trying your best to make this a great date.

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Ask about her and listen

You probably know that in order to make a good impression, you need to ask about her, like what kind of work she does or what kind of hobbies she likes. But if you really want her to remember you as someone different from the other guys she has dated, you need to listen carefully to everything she says.

If she’s telling you her story of how she moved to the Windy City, listen closely and be prepared to offer any insights you may have. Don’t just sit there and say “yeah” or “uh-huh” every five minutes. You need to interact with her. Offer something more valuable than just a simple “oh really?”

She might even appreciate you more if you rebut some of her opinions. This way, she’ll see that you have a mind of your own and you’re not just nodding to get her attention.

Offer to walk her to her car

If it’s a first date, chances are both of you brought your own vehicles to the venue. If that’s the case and the date is over, regardless of how well or bad it went, ask her if it would be fine to walk her to her car.

If the date went bad, she’ll think you’re a true gentleman because despite the circumstances, you were still willing to ensure her safety. If the date went well, she’ll certainly think you’re a great guy because you’re concerned about her safety.

If the date went well and you’ve accompanied her to her car, now would be the time to ask for a second date. If you play your cards right, you can even plant a short but sweet kiss on her cheek before you two part ways.