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Material Options for Your Patio’s Roofing

Outdoor living has gained immense popularity among homeowners. This is not just in a bid to benefit from nature but also to get more relaxing space beyond your home’s four walls. Patios, sunrooms, and detached backyard spaces are now more common in residential properties. People will, unfortunately, not pay so much attention to the roofing of their outdoor structure. The roofing helps keep adverse elements out of your space and protects the building materials

High-quality Stratco patios come in different materials and designs. This way, you are guaranteed to have a roofing material that matches your needs and the look you are looking for. The following are your material alternatives for patio roofing.

Canvas Shade Sails

These are a modern option for creating a floating-like atmosphere in your patio. The canvas shade sail will be pulled tight to fit poles in the ground and can feature different designs. Most canvas shade sails offer 97% protection against harmful UV rays without blocking all the sunlight. In most cases, the sails are used seasonally and work best for summer.

Plastic or Metal Panels

These are heavy-duty frames that are quickly installed on your patio’s roof. Metal and plastic frame panels require less maintenance compared to wooden ones and come in a range of customization options. In the past, plastic was weak and broke easily. Nowadays, the plastic used in outdoor spaces is strengthened to improve its durability. The spacing between the frames is varied to match your protection needs for the patio. Some homeowners opt to have climbing plants on the panels to offer extra shade and customize the space.

Translucent Fiberglass

This is the same material used for greenhouses. It is installed on a metal or wood panel frame and closed around the fasteners for the prevention of leakage around the roofing. Translucent fiberglass will let in a lot of sunlight but filter out harmful UV rays. You can opt to customize the glass used on your patio with designs or include climbing plants. These not only boost the cover’s beauty but will also enhance the privacy of your outdoor space.


This is the best material for those looking for an exceptionally beautiful outdoors. Wood lends your patio a timeless appeal that is difficult to match with other material options. It is easily customizable into different designs, sizes, textures, and colors. Wooden patio covers are unfortunately expensive and require regular repainting and sanding to keep them looking exceptional. The covers are also prone to rotting, warping, and peeling.

Aluminum Sheets

aluminum roof

These are the durable and cost-efficient alternatives for covering your patios. Aluminum is a light yet strong material that offers a high level of outdoor comfort with minimal maintenance requirements. Aluminum roofing sheets, however, retain heat and might make your space uncomfortable in hot months.

The above patio roofing materials can make a design statement for your space. When choosing a material, you can opt for the same one as your primary structure’s roofing or an entirely different one. If different, ensure that it matches some of the elements on your primary roofing to ensure cohesion in your outdoor space’s look.