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Unusual Places to Install a Fireplace in Your Home

Since the 1600s, a fireplace has always been a classic amenity in a home. Trends in home improvement and design come and go, but the fireplace is here to stay. Both modern and contemporary home designs incorporate fireplaces in their plans. Traditionally, fireplaces were found in the living room. However, the advancement in technology has increased the options for fireplaces making installation easy. There are both gas and electric fireplace options that you can choose from.

There are also advancements in installation technologies that make it possible to install a fireplace in any space. Also, there is no rule that dictates your home should have only one fireplace. Lastly, there is no restriction to where you can install your fireplace, so long as you follow the guidelines for the safe installation of a fireplace.

Here are unusual places that you can also install a fireplace in your home:


You can give the phrase a warm welcome a literal meaning for your family members and guests. Fireplaces come in different sizes and shapes, and there is no small space to fit a fireplace. The design of your foyer will determine the kind of fireplace that would suit your application. In addition, the fireplace can have a small torch flame that will not only brighten the space but also provide an elegant design.


The traditional kitchen has since evolved in terms of design and functionality. The modern kitchen serves more purpose than being the room for food preparation. Family members and guests gather in the modern kitchen for conversation while food is being prepared. Homeowners opt for a large kitchen in exchange for a separate kitchen and dining room. When designing a kitchen to serve as a social space, too, a fireplace is a great addition to create a warm feel in the kitchen. You can get an electric fireplace or a gas fireplace with plenty of installation designs to select from.


fireplace concept

The garage is not a one-use room, at least in most homes. For some people, the garage serves as extra storage space for cars and farm equipment. For others, the garage serves as the man cave or workshop. Regardless of the purpose that the garage serves, you need a form of heating to make the garage habitable and usable during cold times. In that case, you can opt to install a fireplace on the garage’s ceiling instead of the traditional garage heater. A fireplace in the garage is a beautiful aesthetic addition to that significant part of your home.

Home Gym

The thought of installing a fireplace sounds counter-intuitive at first. Isn’t the exercise room supposed to be cool so that it is comfortable to exercise? However, fireplaces do more than warm a room. Consider this; electric fireplaces offer the aesthetic value of a fireplace in a space without heat output. You can then enjoy your exercise routine as you watch the flames light up your space.

Master Bathroom

Almost all modern homes are home en suite making the master bedroom a crucial part of a home. It is hard to imagine how a fireplace looks in a master bathroom until you see how a space with one looks. A fireplace in the master bath adds a warm glow to the room. This is especially important for individuals living in northern climates where they experience cold when leaving the bath. Recent research on home accessories reveals that about 10 percent of homeowners have fireplaces in the master bathroom. Over 70 percent of those homeowners reveal that the fireplace is an essential feature in the master bathrooms.

Outdoor Space

Life’s greatest moments are often spent with loved ones around a warm fireplace. While a traditional fire pit on the ground is a great idea, there is a certain ambiance that an outdoor fireplace adds to space. Consider designing your outdoor living space in that there is a seamless flow into the indoor space. There are plenty of outdoor fireplace designs to choose from. Therefore, get one that complements your outdoor home design.

Having a fireplace in the living room is beautiful and often serves the intended spaces. However, there is no limitation to where you can install a fireplace in your home.  Adding fireplaces to rather ‘unusual’ spaces increases the usability of these spaces in your home. Not only will a fireplace add ambiance to your space in Salt Lake City, but also serve as focal points in your home. With plenty of fireplace designs, types, and sizes, there is no limitation to the type of fireplace you can get from fireplace installation and maintenance experts.