Friends in celebration

Planning Your Outdoor Party: Key Things to Remember

Hector has found his way to Kansas City for his next international posting. He’s very friendly, and the moniker “life of the party” couldn’t be more fitting. He has lived in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North Africa. Living in North Africa was particularly challenging. There aren’t many clubs or bars where you can gather with friends. Culture and tradition can hamper your alcohol consumption. As a party person, this was a challenge. But he overcame this by organizing parties at his home.

He wants to continue with his North African party experiment. But he wants to be considerate of his neighbors when he hosts his parties, particularly those done outdoors. He’s looking into companies that help plan parties as well as suppliers of food, alcohol, and soundproofing equipment. Can he install soundproofing panels on the siding of his patio? How can he make an outdoor party fun?

If you’re like Hector, maybe you’re asking the same questions. The ideas here will help you plan your next outdoor party:

Winging It vs. Planning It

Sometimes, planning for a party happens at another party, when you’re a little bit tipsy already. “Hey, guys. What about brunch tomorrow at my place?” “Tomorrow” would be, of course, just five or six hours later, because it’s now early in the morning and the party is just winding down.

Probably a bad idea! You need to shop for food because chances are, you don’t have any in your refrigerator. You need to prepare the food. Before you do these things, you need to sleep. If you want a party that everyone will remember and use as a benchmark, then you need to plan. A crucial element is making a list of food and drinks.

If you want to wow your friends, create anticipation by sending creative invites. Take advantage of social media platforms in announcing your event. This will also help you monitor the number of people coming to your party. The theme and decorations are also key things that you need to carefully plan for.

The Sound of Music or Noise?

Middle aged and senior neighbours talking at a block party

What is a party without music? You want to be considerate, so you want to make sure that your outdoor party will not bother your neighbor. Inviting your neighbor to your party might reduce the chances of a complaint. But be prepared to bring your celebration indoors should this happen.

Check for local ordinances if you think that your event might be too disruptive. If you’re bringing in serious gear like amplifiers and loudspeakers because a band will play or there is Karaoke time, manage the noise or sounds by installing DIY soundproofing panels. Find the right place where you can put a stage and incorporate soundproofing panels that will help dissipate sound levels. An inexpensive way to make sound-absorbing panels is using worn-out towels that you can get from thrift stores.

There are other items that you should consider, like emergencies, seating capacities, and dealing with solid wastes. These initial ideas will take you in the right direction.