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Seven Advantages of Waking up Early in the Morning

Reality check: a show of hands, who is excited at the thought of waking up at 5:00 am every day?

Thought so.

For most of us, just the mere thought of getting up and starting the day while it still looks like night time is as welcome as a pimple on your wedding day. But science and sleep experts have proven that early risers benefit in ways that most normal folks — those who wake up at 7:00 at the earliest — don’t.

Why do you think there are a lot of famous quotes from famous personalities about rising early?

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Robert Brault was quoted saying, “One key to success is to have lunch at the time of day most people have breakfast.”

If you want to be a better GI doctor or lawyer or just want to be a better person, you may want to start getting up before the rooster crows. Here are some benefits early risers enjoy daily.

1. Gets you in a better mood

Studies show that most early risers turn in early for the night which allows them to get the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily. This leads to a healthier body and mind which gives you a positive outlook and cheery disposition. This is why they are least likely to be affected by stress and exude positivity.

2. Boosts your energy levels throughout the day

In the same breath, a person who gets enough rest daily has deeper energy reserves that he or she can tap into throughout the day.

Even if you do get at least 8 hours of sleep daily but you wake up later in the day, you will still find yourself sluggish and exhausted. In contrast, those who get up at the crack of dawn who slept the same number of hours just seem more energetic.

3. More time for self-care

Given that early risers wake up a few hours before most folks, they can squeeze in some self-care routines.

Early in the morning, where there is less distraction and the house is still, they can get in a few minutes of reflection, prayer, or meditation to align their spirit.

Similarly, before they even start their day at work, they can already work on getting their daily exercise which most late-risers seem to struggle to find time for.

4. Greater productivity

Business magnate Richard Branson attributes his success to waking up at 5:00 in the morning. A well-rested body waking up to a fresh and cool morning breeze gets you excited to get things done. For early risers, the motivation lies in the fact that they can get more things done by noon which leaves them with even more time to do other things afterward.

Early risers also show slight differences in focus and concentration compared to those who sleep in. They have more alert minds and senses and are generally more organized and less panicky.

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5. Improved sleep quality

As mentioned above, early risers enjoy longer and fuller hours of sleep which is good for the body. It improves their sleep quality overall and allows their body to reboot properly. It helps lower your blood pressure, slows down your breathing, relaxes and repairs your muscles and tissues, and lets your immune system recover and recharge.

6. Additional hours to your day

Does the saying, “not enough hours in the day” resonate with you? Waking up a couple of hours earlier than most folks lets you enjoy additional hours to your day that most people keep wishing to get. The extra two hours could help you get more organized and kick your day off to a really great start.

7. Healthier and younger-looking skin

One, our skin is at its best early in the morning. Two, waking up early gives you a little extra time to take care of your skin. Three, the more regular sleeping pattern early risers have ensured that their skin gets enough time to rejuvenate properly.

A person who enjoys the above-mentioned benefits will be generally pleasant to deal with and will have an enviable zest for life. Who wouldn’t want to be that type of person?