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The Ultimate Checklist for Conquering Your Home Maintenance Plans

Maintenance is vital if you want your home to stay the same in the coming years. Without proper maintenance, your home can depreciate over time, and you certainly don’t want that. If you want to earn money when selling your home, you will need robust home maintenance plans to help you out. These plans often have the best practices in mind, and this article will cover exactly that.

The Essentials of Home Maintenance Plans

If you’re new to owning or selling a home, then you need to know what maintenance is all about. Generally, you want to save around one to two percent of your home value for home maintenance. This ensures you have enough money by the end of the year for any maintenance you need. However, the better option is to have a home maintenance plan. Home maintenance plans are crucial for homeowners because they help guide you. If you don’t know what to put in your plan, here are some of the most essential.

Check Your Plumbing System

The plumbing of every home is crucial to its structure. Without proper plumbing, your home can have foundational problems due to leaks. But that’s not the only thing leaks bring to the party. Leaks can bring in molds, and no, not the kind from Resident Evil 7, but they can be if you leave them long enough. Jokes aside, molds can be problematic even if they don’t end up trying to kill you.

Molds can be a source of allergies and asthma. They can also carry all sorts of diseases if left unmanaged. It’s better not to ever deal with molds; one way you can do this is by hiring a plumbing company. Your local plumber can deal with any leaks that your home might have. This reduces moisture, which then, in turn, ensures that you don’t have molds growing in your home. Your plumber can also do some yearly maintenance if you need it. It’s a good practice and something you should add to your home maintenance plans.

Your plumbing system is important because leaks can lead to foundational problems and mold. If you see any signs of leaks in your home, it’s important to hire a plumber to deal with them. Make them part of your annual maintenance to ensure your home stays in tip-top shape.

Clean Your Yard

Your yard is another essential part of your home that requires constant maintenance. But unlike your plumbing, it doesn’t require repairs. Rather, it needs a unique kind of maintenance: yard maintenance.

Yard maintenance requires two main aspects: clearing and tree care. If your yard has plenty of debris throughout the year, you need to clear it whenever you can. Land clearing services can do this for you. They have the necessary equipment to clear any debris and even the right vehicle for it. You certainly don’t want to carry yard debris on your SUV’s back.

The next thing you need to consider is tree care. If you want your tree to be as healthy as Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy, you need a local arborist to visit your yard at least once a year. If you have someone reliable doing that, you might even have some healthy little Groots growing in your yard. But once your tree has become hollow or too unhealthy to maintain, you must get tree removal services to get rid of them. Hollow and unhealthy trees can only be a sign of disease, and that disease is something you don’t want to spread. You certainly don’t want your yard to look like Mordor.

Your yard is an important part of your home; without proper maintenance, it can look like the Mojave. That’s why putting your yard in your home maintenance plans is essential. Your home will be like Oberon’s garden with proper tree care and yard clearing.

Check Your HVAC System

Do you ever wonder why it’s too hot or cold inside your home? There’s a good chance that your HVAC is responsible for that. Over time, a home’s HVAC system can be filled with debris and dust. When left unmanaged, your HVAC system can become faulty and even overheat. This can lead to broken HVAC systems. It can cost a shoe and a leg to replace your HVAC system, so you don’t want that to happen. That’s why your HVAC system should be part of your home maintenance plans.

Maintaining your HVAC system means keeping it clean and away from debris. That means removing dust and dusting it off whenever it does accumulate dust. But sometimes you need professional help to do it for you. When that happens, your HVAC contractors can do the job. They can dust and clean off any debris accumulation on your HVAC system. Furthermore, they can keep your system in tip-top shape by repairing any initial problems. With the right contractor, your HVAC can sing ‘Let it Go’ beautifully, like Elsa from Frozen.

Your HVAC system can be one of the most expensive things to replace in your home. That’s why you need to maintain it whenever you can. Annual maintenance from your local HVAC contractor can ensure your HVAC system is healthy. Remember, take care of your HVAC, and it will take care of you.

Consider Remodeling Projects

Remodeling should always be a part of your home maintenance plans. You should do it at least every five years to keep your home looking fresh. Constant remodeling can also help you increase your home’s value without spending too much on extensions. There are some excellent home remodeling projects you can do that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Many homeowners take their countertops for granted. But their countertop carries the weight of their kitchen needs, like Atlas from Greek Mythology. This heavy-duty work means your countertop might need to be replaced every three years. You can hire a countertop install service to do it for you. They can remove your previous countertop and replace it with a brand-new one. If you want the best material, consider marble. It’s resilient but can be quite expensive, so make sure to save up for it.


Your bathroom is your kingdom, and it’s the room of your home that always requires constant remodeling. Why is that, you might ask? Well, it’s because of moisture, that’s why. Your bathroom can easily be the moistest room in the entire house, and we all know what happens when that moisture accumulates. That’s right, mold will start to form. When remodeling your bathroom, you might want to use materials that are resistant to moisture, like the marble we mentioned earlier. This way, your bathroom won’t always be in a constant state of remodeling.

Living Room

Lastly, there’s your living room. A good-looking living room can certainly grab the attention of your visitors. Sadly, a bad-looking one can ensure that your friends won’t be visiting you any time soon. That’s why it’s important to remodel it whenever you can. Adding new furniture to your living room is the simplest way to remodel it, so invest in new furniture whenever you can.

Remodeling is crucial for your home and should always be in your mind at the end of the year. Three remodeling projects you should consider this year are countertops, bathrooms, and living rooms. These remodels can make your home look fresh every year.

Inspect Your Water Heater

An uninspected water heater can be a serious problem for many homes. Water heaters can potentially electrocute someone, and they can also be home to molds if your heater is only producing lukewarm water. This can be problematic because it can be hidden from plain sight.

It’s essential to watch out for signs of a faulty water heater. Common signs include the water not heating, noises, and discolored water coming out of your shower. This can only mean it’s time to hire water heater services. They can repair your water heater and get it going again so you can get the hot shower you need after a long day of work.

Repair Your Driveway

Your driveway is the first thing your visitors will see in your home, and it’s also the first thing potential homebuyers will see in your home. Cracks and potholes will certainly leave a negative impression on these people, and before you know it, someone has already tripped because of damage to your driveway.

A well-maintained driveway speaks a lot about your home, and if left unmaintained, it can only speak in disastrous tones. Hiring a local concrete contractor to fill any cracks or potholes that might form in your driveway is the best way to maintain it. It’s simple but effective, especially if you do it every year.

Don’t forget about your driveway in your home maintenance plans. Maintaining your driveway can make a huge difference in improving people’s perceptions of your home. So take care of those potholes and cracks whenever you can. Passersby will thank you for it.

Clean Your Septic Tank

Dirty work is never good, and that’s true for your septic tanks. These tanks store raw wastewater containing all the world’s bad things. Once your home starts smelling like Homer’s armpit from The Simpsons, you know that there is something wrong with your septic tanks.

Damaged or leaking tanks can bring the wrath of hellish smells into your home, and only a professional can deal with that. Ruptured septic tanks can be problematic, and you should never deal with them yourself. Once your home starts smelling bad, hire a professional to deal with the problem. They can do it swiftly before you even have enough time to move to a new house because you want to escape the smell.

Revamp Your Backyard Space

Revamping your backyard space should be a part of your home maintenance plans. Your backyard plays a fundamental role in increasing the value of your home, and if your backyard looks awful, then no one would ever want to buy it. If you want to revamp your backyard space, then it’s time to install a new fence.

Installing new fencing is one way to revamp your backyard. Vinyl fencing is one of the best materials you can invest in. It’s affordable, resilient, and doesn’t require much maintenance. It’s also cheap to replace.

Your backyard is your sanctuary, and you want the best for it, don’t you? Well, if you want the best for your backyard, then you’re going to need proper fencing. Fencing will not only leave your neighbors jealous but can also increase your home’s security. So don’t skimp out on your backyard it can sell your house and more if you give it the love it needs.

Inspect Your Roof

Lastly, you don’t want to forget about your roof. Your roof falling apart can easily be the worst thing that can happen to your home because it is expensive to replace, time-consuming, and dangerous. It’s essential to look for tell-tale signs that your roof is damaged. One common sign is leakage; if you have water dripping on you, then that’s always a bad sign. Another common sign is bad insulation. Sometimes, holes in your roof can leave you cold or hot because air seeps out of your home. If you see these signs, then it’s time to call an expert.

If you see your roof falling apart, call roofing services. They can have the necessary fix to ensure that your roof stays put and does not come crashing down your home. You must do it because you can’t do DIY roof repairs. It requires specialty and equipment that professional services have that you don’t.

Robust home maintenance plans can ensure that your home is in tip-top shape. Adding the essentials above to your maintenance plans is the best way since those are the most essential. By doing so, you can ensure that you can sell your home at its best price. With proper and regular maintenance, your home will certainly look great and last a long time!