Your Guide to Finishing a Concrete Floor

This guide is about sealing a concrete floor using a product called UGL dry lock on the basement floor. For such a project, you need a brush, a roller, and tape. The tape prevents the product from going into the wrong places. And it’s useful for cleaning the roller off before using it on the floor.

Start by brushing the edges of the floor and stairs with the brush. This way, you won’t put the product on the walls or steps. Then, use the roller to cover the rest of the floor. Experts recommend starting in one corner and working your way out. So, you don’t get stuck in a corner. It’s best to work on small sections at a time to put an even coat everywhere.

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The UGL dry lock needs two hours to dry, enabling people to walk on it. And a whole day before the crew can come back and start working on the house again. Later on, you can add the second coat of UGL dry lock. If you do a great job of laying the urethane concrete sealer, you should be happy with how well it looks and how well it’s protecting the floor.

In this guide, you’ll see a spot where some rainwater got on the floor. But it shouldn’t be a problem. You can wipe it with a wet rag and some cold water. Even the messiest workers won’t damage the floor too much. Any mess will come right up.