Handyman putting up wallpaper on the white walls

Turn Your Bare Apartment into Your Home

Welcome to your apartment! You may have just moved out from your parents’ home and transferred to the city, looking for opportunities. Now, you encountered your first hurdle, a bare apartment that resembles more of empty space than a home for you.

You will find it challenging to design the place but not impossible. With the few guidelines you can find here, and some decorations such as designer wallpaper, correct storage, even fake or real plants, the empty space will transform into your area in no time.

Cover the Walls with Design

First and foremost, your apartment likely has blank white walls. Your landlord or landlady may prohibit painting the walls too. In these cases, you only need designer wallpapers, ones you can easily buy off the internet at discounted prices year-round.

You can even pick, style and match the wallpapers you use, and you will soon have walls that match your personality.

Integrate Storage

Next, think about storage. Your rental may already have some cabinets if you have a kitchen. Otherwise, supply the storage yourself. To save space, you can look for storage integrated into furniture such as beds, sofas, chairs, and such.

You can install cabinets yourself too, as well as bookshelves that will come in handy for your things.

Add Furniture with Other Uses

interior of a modern livingAt this point, you will have a few furniture that double as storage spaces as well. You can add to your collection with furniture that have other functional uses. You can find dining tables that can double as work surfaces, for example.

You are limited in space, which is why multi-functional furniture will help you get what you need without compromising in space.

Decorate Inside Storage

Now, your apartment will be coming together. You can decorate even more by installing wallpaper inside cabinets or storage spaces. Wallpaper can add pops of color and design to otherwise bland insides of storage. You also gain a sense of continuity between your apartment walls and your storage spaces, especially when you use wallpapers that match.

Go Green

Other decorative pieces to finalize your apartment designing include greenery, lighting, pillows, and photographs or art. Greenery, whether real or fake, add textures to your apartment. Real plants can also improve well being and mental health, a boost that you can use with the amount of stress you may feel.

Let There Be Light and Pillows Too

Lighting, meanwhile, in the form of task or table lighting help you obtain the needed illumination for differing tasks such as casually eating dinner or working on your laptop. Pillows, on the other hand, adds to the homey feeling of your home. Add in some rugs or mats too.

Let the Artist Out

Finally, you can top things off with some photographs or art that you like. Go for ones that you have collected over the years such as family photographs, group selfies with friends, and small prized art pieces, instead of expensive prints or paintings.

Your first apartment need only feel like home, not a luxury residence.

With the guidelines above, you should have a home in your apartment now, a home you can look forward to going home to. Of course, you can add a little more design or décor that will truly fit your personality. Experiment and explore! The empty apartment waits for you to make it your own.